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Breaking A Record vs Broken Record

     Breaking records is pretty cool.  In 1974, Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth’s home run record.  In 1995, Cal Ripkin broke Lou Gehrig’s record for most consecutive games played.  In 2017, Tom Brady broke the record for most Super Bowl wins by a quarterback by winning his 5th.  Companies break records for sales and customer […]

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Looking For Our Superman

by: Sandy McCorvey Where is the next “Greatest Generation” going to come from? I look out at the landscape of our country, watching the news, listening to the venom, seeing the accusations, charges, counter-charges, division, anarchy, beatings, tearing down statues, smashing police cars, burning our buildings, burning our flag, threats of revolution, calling for the […]

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Replace This Obamacare Mess…NOW!

June 6 at 6:56pm · Sandy Capelle McCorvey The cry for a single-payer national health care system is rearing its ugly head again. There are 4 states currently upset enough with Obamacare – stating that it didn’t go far enough – that they are trying to push through a single-payer system this year on their […]

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Montana’s Special Election

I have 3 comments to make about the special election in Montana yesterday: 1) Greg Gianforte did a shameful thing by physically accosting the reporter from Guardian. There is no excuse for behavior like that. He has apologized and he is facing charges, both of which are appropriate. (My mom used to tell me “Sticks […]

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