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Looking For Our Superman

by: Sandy McCorvey

Where is the next “Greatest Generation” going to come from? I look out at the landscape of our country, watching the news, listening to the venom, seeing the accusations, charges, counter-charges, division, anarchy, beatings, tearing down statues, smashing police cars, burning our buildings, burning our flag, threats of revolution, calling for the overthrow of the current president and his administration and even a chant from the mobs that calls for “No USA at all.” Fists raised, black masks to hide faces – except for the eyes which glare under the helmets worn – people armed with sticks, baseball bats, rocks and pieces of concrete, bottles filled with urine thrown at the “other side” and at authority figures.

     When did a person become evil and an oppressor whenever they express a love of this country? When did American pride become an American sin? “Jumping on the American bandwagon,” building your own business or working hard to move up in the company for which you work, buying a home, marriage, a husband and wife raising a family together, going to church, praying in public used to be honorable things and part of growing up and becoming a responsible adult. When did it become “racist” to be a patriot? When did “diversity” become the championed “cause” and “unity” become something to be shunned? When did the American way of life become something to be ashamed of and scorned by American citizens….while still being sought by the millions who try to come to this country every year? I think of all these things and ask again: “Where is our next “Greatest Generation?”

And then….I look at what is happening in Texas. I look at the thousands upon thousands of people from all over the country who have rushed to their aide, putting their own lives at risk to bring their boats to rescue people and pets from their flooded homes; who stand in line to volunteer to help pack food and clothing and donate blood to anyone who has been affected by the hurricane; companies who cook and serve food to the rescuers and the rescued; companies who match Red Cross donations x 2 up to $25 million (yes, the “evil” Walmart is doing that); companies sending mattresses and pillows and boats and water and other goods and services to render assistance.

     And I know that in truth, the “Greatest Generation” is all around us. It’s the young children who have internalized the Judeo-Christian values of our Founding Fathers, taught these American values and ideals by their parents, and are making them their own. It’s the teenagers and college-aged young people who still value life and this remarkable country, who believe in their own worth, in the promise of the individual and everything they are able to achieve on their own, who stand ready to assist others to achieve their own greatness, not make them dependent on the government or others for their existence. It’s our all-volunteer military who learn and train and defend, sometimes to their death, this nation and all our freedoms. It’s the young men and women who are establishing their families, working to build their own dreams, living lives of faith and freedom and instilling that rugged individualism in their children. It’s the middle aged people who encourage their grown children to make it on their own. It’s the grandparents who pass on American values and American traditions and American pride to their grandchildren. It’s handing on to the next generation the belief that we are all created equal in the sight of God and that how we receive and use the gifts of our unalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is up to us….that WE are responsible for our own actions, our own destiny.

     I remember the old Superman TV show from years ago with the theme “Truth, Justice and the American Way.” The only way we lose that is if we don’t continue to stand up for those very things. You know what? I Am Superman….and so are each and every one of you…and WE are the next “Greatest Generation” who will save freedom.

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