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Marxism and Higher Education: Buyer Beware

College used to be a staple of the American experience for the scholarly inclined, an option for those that sought to improve themselves as rational, social or moral beings

But as many millennials including myself now know, the cultural and financial burdens no longer bear the same risk/reward ratio that they once did, in fact it has shifted so far that many of the best and brightest no longer wish to enroll in higher education at all

The reason for this is in one word: Marxism. It didn’t used to be this way, in fact a scant 70 or so years ago it was radically different, in order to fully understand this seismic cultural shift in our intellectual consciousness let me give you a bit of background

In the Second World War the forces of bolshevism and radical collectivism were defeated in both the battlefield and the free marketplace of ideas in Western Europe and America. Sadly, many of our own so-called “intellectuals” clove tightly to this unattainable Communist ideology. They sought refuge in the immediate post war period in the one haven where authority was high and critical thinking was low, the public education system

Ironically, many soldiers attending university for the first time on the G.I. bill were among the victims of this first wave of covert, leftist conversion efforts. The same soul crushing collectivists that they fought in the trenches of Europe were now the professors instructing them in the “real” history of the world that said they were wrong for standing up for their beliefs

This kind of Marxist ideological-drift mainly pertains to the public, state run university system and not the private colleges, although even those ivory bastions were also infiltrated to a large degree in the intervening decades

At this time in the fifties up until the eighties any high school graduate could expect to find employment at a factory job with steady wages and solid benefits, enough to support a wife and children, own a car and home even, with due diligence and solid management.

To other twenty somethings like myself, this may shock you. But yes, a citizen with no college degree could be an integral part of the workforce and have a high standard of living, most of the time these out of high school factory workers would stay with one company their entire lives

Like a frog slowly being boiled, this infiltration of our higher education was a death by degrees, each decade the Marxists would seep deeper and deeper into the core of American intellectual life. The labels changed, they called themselves syndicalists, socialists, market liberals, progressives, but at the core the concepts of redistribution of wealth, abolition of private property and individualism remained

So, at the present day, college standards have been so lowered as to admit anyone with the presence of mind to fill out an application. SAT scores and high school scholarship have been thrown out the window in favor of filling diversity quotas in order to receive higher government funding through grants.

Where as a college degree used to serve as a signifier to an employer that the graduate had both the intelligence to succeed and the perseverance to maintain a professional life, the worth of a degree has been so watered down by the mass of seething mediocrity to become almost negligible

If this degradation of academic standards were not bad enough, the even larger insult is in the content of new “Culturally sensitive” and “Progressive” university curriculum. In these courses our young people are taught to hate their heritage through the lens of a conqueror’s guilt and revile their own national heroes. Even our beloved founding fathers are now openly vilified in many a history textbook

The rewriting of our nation’s history by the radical, authoritarian Marxists in education is a process that began with the construction of the Berlin wall, and did not stop at its fall. Only now at the culmination of decades worth of infiltration and indoctrination do we truly recognize the pattern of horrors that led to the murder of millions in Russia, China, and other nations that thought themselves impervious

We must recognize the co-opting of our higher education institutions by Marxist professors and November criminals for what it really is, what it has always been, the early stages of Communist insurrection and all out class war.

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