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Replace This Obamacare Mess…NOW!

June 6 at 6:56pm ·

Sandy Capelle McCorvey

The cry for a single-payer national health care system is rearing its ugly head again. There are 4 states currently upset enough with Obamacare – stating that it didn’t go far enough – that they are trying to push through a single-payer system this year on their own. They want government to pay ALL the bills, with the government paying directly the doctors, hospitals and drug companies. These states are New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. California last year already passed single-payer legislation that would make every resident – legal or not – eligible for coverage – no premium, no co-payment, no deductible. It hasn’t been implemented yet (can you guess why?) The Democrats state outright that this is what they want – and they have for many years. Government-run, government-financed health care. Government health care bureaucrats sitting on government health care boards deciding who gets what kind of treatment. Government deciding what drugs are allowed, what surgeries are allowed, whether you can see the doctor of your choice, whether you can see a specialist or not, whether your age or your illness or injury makes you eligible or ineligible for specific tests or treatments. To control costs, the government will simply deny care. There won’t be an alternative, because there will be no competition….no more insurance companies, only government-run health care. Please remember that the VA health care system is already run by the government. How’s that working out? Please remember too that government does not earn any money on its own. Their total income is from taxpayers. What they spend comes from us. Are you satisfied enough with the finances of government-run ANYTHING in the past 100 years or so to turn over your health care decisions to a single-payer system? You can probably tell that I, for one, am not. If you think you would like single-payer health care, be very, very careful what you wish for. Watch closely, listen carefully, and tell your Senators and Congressman that they need to replace this Obamacare mess……and fast!


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