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The Cult of Liberalism in Big Tech

As the country has become more and more polarized following up to and exacerbated by the 2016 presidential election, there exists one glaring monolith of extremism that stands out in our country…big tech

The west coast hubs of innovation and progressive thinking that we used to know and love are now mere facades for neo-McCarthyism. As the recent testimony and revelation of former Google engineer James Damore tell us, Google and by large most Silicon Valley companies work with a vested interest in radical leftist politics, hidden behind the mask of a neutral service provider

Perhaps most alarming among these reveals is the existence of conservative black lists, that span across multiple companies and networks. Like Jacobins marching old regime aristocrats up to the scaffold, known and suspected conservatives are added to these lists by their peers and hounded, watched and harried until they are finally terminated or diminished in extraordinary fashion.

Conservative and even centrist viewpoints are so intolerable in these California enclaves as to be driven completely underground. Many employees who are simply not far left enough or don’t tow the party line are also condemned as “bigots” or “xenophobes”

Mandatory diversity training seminars are also commonplace in this sphere, which many of my older readers may already be familiar with. These re-education activities are mostly forced onto employers by radical-left special interest groups, who use the threat of negative press to blackmail employers to shell out exorbitant fees to hire their own “educators” at said seminars.  These tactics come right out of the leftist playbook, bearing a striking resemblance to the ones used by Jesse Jackson during his race pimping days

Yet the litany of abuses do not stop there, an individual’s very speech is monitored and judged within these halls. Failure to use extravagant custom pronouns and artificial forms of address garner the damnation of “transphobe”. You may also hear the term “science denier” when exercising your constitutionally protected right to free speech; ironic, considering the vast majority of the medical community’s condemnation of transsexual pseudo-science

On top of the abuses suffered by the employee, the user of Google search may also find his own data feed manipulated. Pro Trump stories are relegated to the bottom of the news feed, while anti Trump news is pushed to the fore of attention.

California and the American west, long esteemed in the collective American imagination, as a shinning ideal of personal liberty has fallen. What now resides in its place is Paris on the eve of 1789, steeped in terror, waiting for the digital guillotine to drop.

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